Windy City Bondage Club

Play Party Rules

Our goal is to provide a comfortable place to meet people and play. We encourage your participation, but you are free to just watch if you are more comfortable with that.

  1. We are a bondage club; all scenes must involve some form of bondage.
  2. All scenes must involve the practice of safe sex. Condoms must be used for anal sex. We encourage the use of condoms for oral sex.
  3. All scenes must be "safe, sane and consensual."
  4. While we do not have a designated dungeon master, any club board member has the authority to stop any scene that he feels has reached an unsafe level. In such a case, we ask that you stop the scene immediately. You can discuss the issue later.
  5. If you are new to bondage and would like to assist a top in a scene, feel free to ask permission.
  6. After introductions, the doors will be locked. Only the people at the party now will be here, with the exception of our landlord, who may come down later.
  7. Because our play is inherently risky, we ask that you keep our play space drug free. The use of poppers is acceptable.
  8. The play space is a smoke-free environment. Smoking should take place outside the back door.
  9. All beverages in the refrigerator are available for you. If there is no beverage there to your liking, bring some the next time, preferably in cans.
  10. If you wish to have beer, we encourage you to drink responsibly. Anyone clearly intoxicated will be asked to leave.
  11. You are free to leave the party at any time. However, we do not offer in and out privileges. If you leave, you will not be readmitted that evening. We hope you will return later for another one of our parties..
  12. To minimize distraction to scenes in progress, all socializing should be kept to the confines of the kitchen. Even there, talk should be kept to a relatively low level.
  13. Because of the need to be considerate of our landlord's top-floor tenants, noise in the back room, where the ventilating ducts are, should be kept to a minimum.
  14. If someone approaches you for a scene and you do not feel the chemistry is right, we ask that you consider the other person's feelings and be polite in your refusal.
  15. Scenes are between the top and the bottom. If you wish to join a scene in progress, please wait for a suitable opportunity, then ask the top for permission to join. The top should ask the bottom for his approval of an additional person in the scene. In some scenes, especially mummification, the top may ask for your assistance.
  16. Our tops have a wide range of skills and can play at differing intensity levels. Don't assume that because you see someone playing one way that that is the only thing they can do. You should ask for what you want.
  17. Most tops and many bottoms have more equipment with them than they will be using. They are usually more than willing to lend you extra ropes or toys. Ask politely and remember to return anything you have borrowed before the end of the evening.
  18. Be considerate in your use of club equipment. If you get it dirty, clean it up.
  19. We do not have maid or slave service. At the end of the evening, please put all cups, cans and bottles in the trash cans in the kitchen.